See the World in Every Direction

Galileo's unique design gives your iPhone the ability to see in any direction.

Galileo Movement

Galileo does as you command

Over a dozen apps are optimized to control Galileo's movement in unique ways.

Control Remotely

Control your iPhone remotely

Use your iPad or web browser to rotate Galileo and record video over the internet.

Simple Setup

Simple to setup

Just twist the base of Galileo Bluetooth to pair with the latest iOS devices. Or dock your 30-pin iPhone into Galileo 30-pin to connect.


Breathtaking Timelapse Videos

Create a truly cinematic experience using only Galileo and the iPhone in your pocket. Capture sweeping pans and towering tilts that look like they came from a Hollywood studio.



TimeLapse is the professional choice for creating time-lapse sequences. Pricison control and hands-free image capture.



IguanaLapse provides an intuitive interface and rich feature set for enthusiasts and pros. Use with Galileo for an unparalleled experience creating time lapse sequences.


Time-lapse demos by Steve Tsuida

Stunning Spherical Photography

With the Free Sphere App, you're just one tap away from creating beautiful, immersive, 360º panoramic photos. Drag the image below to see for yourself.

Motion Detection and Facial Recognition

Let Galileo be your cameraman. Apps utilizing motion detection capabilities make Galileo automatically follow you around the room while recording in hi-definition video.



The video recording app that automatically follows the action. Select facial detection, designate a specific color to follow, or have it track sounds.



Hands-free selfies! FaceSnap automatically searches the room and captures photos when faces are detected.


Galileo in the News