Badlands Apex 12000 Winch Review

Badlands Apex 12000

Harbor Freight stepped up their game with their latest winch, the Badlands Apex 12,000. Compared to their previous winches, which weren’t quite suited for consecutive use, the new Apex model certainly has the look of something built to last. Can we trust this winch based on that, though? When going off-road, it’s important to have … Read more

How Does A PTO Winch Work? Power Take Off Winches 101

A PTO winch or ‘power take off’ winch is different from other winches because their power source is not the same. Unlike an electric winch or hydraulic winches, PTO winches get their power from the gearbox transmission. They work like other winches but they are usually faster and more efficient. What is a PTO Winch? … Read more