Rough Country Winch Review

These days everybody knows someone with a Rough Country Winch installed on their favorite off-road vehicle. That’s because Rough Country is a brand that is well-loved by many experienced offroaders. 

But is it a reliable product? Will it be able to get you through the toughest of times?

In this review, we put the Rough Country brand to the test. We also discuss their more popular winches and see why they are often the go-to for offroaders.

Let’s see if Rough Country can keep up with some of the other, more prominent names in the ever-competitive offroading industry.

Rough Country Winch (Our Review)

Rough Country initially started in 1975 as an off-road shock manufacturer. With 45 years of dedication to the off-road industry, the company has proven itself a reliable player. 

They didn’t just expand their range of products over the years but continued to improve on them as well. Today, Rough Country is one of the top suppliers of quality offroading gear.

Rough Country winches have seen a steady increase in popularity. This rise in fame is due mainly to the great pricing of their products. Undoubtedly, the ease-of-installation that comes with Rough Country products also helps cement their popularity among enthusiasts.

Rough Country Overall Assessment

There are many reasons to love this brand. They have a solid offroading pedigree and a trusted brand name.

However, in this review, we’ve decided to look at various critical aspects to write a fair, detailed study of the Rough Country brand.

We’ll be looking at their quality, product pricing, range of products, as well as their customer service and any warranties they offer. This will tell you everything you need to know on whether these winches are right for you.

So, let’s get started.


The offroading community is in agreement that Rough Country winches are quality products. Rough Country winches can survive the harshest of conditions. No matter if it’s sun, rain, sand, or mud. All of their winches proudly carry a waterproof IP67 rating. Rough Country’s 100% satisfaction guarantee confirms the company’s faith in its products. 

The brand isn’t afraid of going rough and being tough. Their winches, in particular, are easy to install and come with all the necessary installation accessories and wiring.


The brand manages to stay competitive by providing its customers with premium quality products at a reasonable price. On average, their products cost less than those of their competitors. 


If you are looking for a quality winch, odds are that Rough Country will have you covered. No matter the size or shape of your vehicle, there’s a winch for it. They make winches suited for all types of vehicles.

They also boast a complete range of accessories to make your off-road experience a fun and memorable one. All of their off-road products are of exceptional quality and are inspected thoroughly before being shipped.

Customer Support

Rough Country invested a lot of time and effort into fine-tuning its customer support. It’s as easy as picking up the phone, using their online chat feature, or texting them to get assistance.

Not that you should need to do so. Rough Country offers detailed installation instructions for all of its products. They even provide an estimated installation time to help you keep things organized. There’s an active online community where enthusiasts share their advice and experiences.

We believe that it’s their fantastic customer support that sets Rough Country apart from its competitors.


With a remarkable 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll be looked after on your off-roading experience.

They’re so confident in the high quality of their products that they’re willing to refund you for any reason. Unfortunately, you’ll need to cover the cost of return shipping yourself. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but the shipping fees of some of their heavier products can leave a hefty dent in your wallet. 

We were also happy to find comprehensive electrical and mechanical warranties on all of their products.

Best Rough Country Winch Models

Rough Country winches are powerful and versatile tools when bolted to your 4×4. We all know that the winch is an essential backup tool to help get you out of all sorts of sticky situations. We’ve all been there. Deciding which winch to buy, though, can be a daunting experience. There are plenty of things to consider.

You need to ensure that your winch is capable of withstanding the rigors of the wild. You also need to check if the winch will fit on your vehicle. 

To help ease your mind, we took some time to look at the best Rough Country winches available. We highly recommend all of the winches listed here. 

Rough Country 9500 LB Pro Series Winch

If you are running a regular 4×4 or off-road vehicle, this winch may be the best buy for you. 

The Rough Country 9500 LB Winch offers professional recovery at a great price. Like all Rough Country winches, the 9500 LB winch carries an IP67 waterproof rating. This waterproof rating means that the winch system is protected under even the harshest weather. 

Its powerful 5.5 hp motor and synthetic rope have the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it easy to see why the Rough Country 9500 LB winch is the most popular in the Rough Country Winch series. 

The Rough Country 9500 LB Pro Series Winch is best used for vehicles up to an American full-size diesel truck. That is some serious performance for such a small winch.

Rough Country 12,000 LB Pro Series Winch

If you are planning on winching anything larger, or perhaps help out vehicles loaded with equipment and trailers, this winch may be a better fit. 

The Rough Country 12,000 LB Pro Series winch is the best value-for-money winch from the Rough Country range. This rugged beast has a reliable 6 hp motor with a fantastic 265:1 gear ratio. With this powerful motor and gear combination, amateur and experienced offroaders can reduce their recovery times.

The wired remote and 85ft synthetic rope will make you feel like an expert as you recover your vehicle from those pesky mud or sand traps.

Rough Country 4500 LB UTV Winch

If you are looking for a smaller, lightweight winch to install onto your ATV, this might be the winch for you. 

The Rough Country 4500 LB UTV Winch is the perfect companion to help rescue your ATV. 

A robust 1.4 hp motor with a 166:1 gear ratio boasts enough power to get you back on track. This winch comes with a synthetic 50-ft rope and clevis hook. We managed to install the 4500 LB UTV Winch in less than two hours.

This monster winch has a capable 3.8ft per minute line speed to help get you and your vehicle back in action faster.

Rough Country Full Width LED Winch Bumper

The Rough Country Full Width LED Winch Bumper, though not a winch, deserves mention. The Rough Country Full Width LED Winch Bumper is a steel bumper with good looks and aggressive toughness to traverse the roughest off-road obstacles. It’s only one of several fantastic winch-ready bumper kits that Rough Country has on offer.

The 20 single row LEDs provide a bright 7200 lumens at just 100 watts. The bright LEDs are great to help you see the trail ahead during the darkest nights. They’re particularly helpful at letting you see what you’re doing if you need to pull yourself out of a ditch after the sun has set. 

This steel bumper features a set of D-ring shackles and a rugged winch mounting plate to help vehicle recovery. This mounting plate can fit any standard-size Rough Country winch. We think it pairs best with the powerful Rough Country 12 000 LB Pro Series Winch.


Rough Country is an off-road equipment manufacturer that’s here to stay. Their quality products and exceptional customer service are practically unsurpassed. If they continue on this track, they might just one day dominate the offroading market. 

Not only do they offer a great range of winches, but they also provide us with a variety of offroading equipment. From bumpers to suspension and performance kits, there’s something for every outdoor 4×4 lover.

Whether you need a heavy-duty winch, or something more compact for your ATV, these winches will meet your expectations.

Rough Country Winches Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Rough Country?

Rough Country began in 1975 but was purchased by Heckethorn Products Inc. in 1986. They started as an off-road shock manufacturer. All their products are designed and manufactured in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

How much does the RC 9500 LB Pro winch weigh?

The Rough Country 9500 LB Pro winch weighs about 65 pounds. It is considered to be a mid-range winch and packs quite a punch with its weatherproof 5.5 hp motor.

What is a Hawse Fairlead, and do I need one for my Rough Country winch?

A winch fairlead for a synthetic rope is called a Hawse Fairlead. This fairlead guides the synthetic rope out of your winch, ensuring that the rope does not get damaged by sharp edges on the vehicle. If you buy a Rough Country winch that comes with synthetic rope, the fairlead is already included.