Galileo + GoPro

The App-Controlled Robotic Dock
for GoPro, iPhone, and Other Devices

Now Galileo works with GoPro too! Galileo brings a new dimension of movement to your videos, photos, and video chats. Control the orientation of your iPhone or GoPro remotely or let Galileo rotate automatically. With new apps constantly being developed, the possibilities are endless!

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See the World in Every Direction

Galileo's unique design gives your device the ability to look around in any direction.
Dock your camera

Dock your camera device into Galileo

Twist base

Twist the base to connect via Bluetooth

Galileo rotates

Galileo rotates while you chat or record content

Control remotely

Control Galileo remotely over the internet

Video Calls that You Control

With Golem + Galileo, you can control the camera at the other end of your video chat. Works with a variety of Apps including FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype, and many more!


Golem is an App that runs in the background, giving you full control over Galileo while using other Apps in the foreground.

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Breathtaking Timelapse Videos

Create a truly cinematic experience using Galileo with your GoPro and iPhone. Capture sweeping pans and towering tilts that look like they came from a Hollywood studio.


Use the GoPro App for a live remote preview. Use the Motrr App to remotely control your GoPro's orientation.

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Galileo is Your Robotic Camera Operator

Motion tracking and facial detection enable Galileo to follow and record you as you move around the room.


Videography lets you define your subject and follows them as they move around. Choose from faces, specific colors, and sound.

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Stunning Panoramic Images

Automatically create immersive 360º photos with one touch.
DMD Panorama

DMD Panorama

With the DMD Panorama App, you're just one tap away from creating and uploading beautiful 360º images. Drag to see for yourself.

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