Apps for Galileo


The starting point. Quickly and easily discover all the apps that work with Galileo.


Runs in the background, so you can use Galileo with video chat software such as Skype or Google Hangouts.


360º Video Calling service for iPhone / iPod / iPad to iPhone / iPod / iPad, or iPhone / iPod to Browser.


Let Galileo be your cameraman. Full featured videography app with automatic face and motion tracking.

Switcher Studio Basic

Stream live video from multiple cameras. Support for up to three Galileos.

Switcher Studio Pro

Stream live video from multiple cameras. Support for up to three Galileos.


Incredible time-lapse videos! Set the trajectory of your sequence and let TimeLapse do the rest.

DMD Panorama

Quickly and easily capture beautiful, seamless 360º panoramas with a single tap.


Use keyframes and motion paths to create dynamic and repeatable timelapse sequences.

At Home Camera

The most advanced video surveillance app in App Store! Now one universal app supports both iPhone and iPad!

At Home Streamer

AtHome Video Streamer turns your used iPhone or iPod/iPad into a wireless video surveillance IP camera.


You are just one tap away from beautiful, multi-exposure spherical panoramas.

Galileo Alarm

A fun and unique way to bring your iPhone's alarm clock to life with Galileo.


Remotely control your Galileo using your Pebble watch's buttons to look around.


Multi-cam social video production. Record and edit live video with your friends.


Remote audio and video monitoring over local wi-fi.


Detect a face, take a picture automatically. Great for parties!


Turns your spare iPhone or iPod Touch into a free WiFi or cellular video camera.

RecoLive MultiCam

Record live video from multiple cameras. Support for up to 4 Galileos.